Big Buckhead Vibes

"Yeah I can't do this anymore". Those words still lingering in the air, each syllable stinging my heart, as if they weren't my own. I have been with this girl for 3 years only to have our relationship derailed by 8 syllables, 6 words, and two seconds. The months following were anything but easy. It feels like I have gone through a mid life crisis at the age of 21. I laughed, I cried, and I crashed and burned, but I never lost sight of the end goal. Healing. I ultimately knew that all of this heartache meant something. It had to mean something. There is no way that my God would let me spiral into rock bottom just for the hell of it. Healing. I ultimately came out as a better man on the other side. I took care of myself, I learned to appreciate the beauty that is everlasting in every day that we live, and I mastered the art of loving without fear.

I have come to learn that Buckhead can easily be split into three equally vital parts: shopping, night life, and business. Now surprisingly enough, I actually want people to read this blog, so I will focus primarily on the first two. Never have I ever spent so much money in such a small period of time, while being in such a small geographical area. Like jeez Louise, there is a shopping mall on every corner. Two to be exact( {Office Reference} Dunwoody: “We have a mall.” Buckhead: “Nice job on your one mall, We have 2 malls, each one better than the last”). Buckhead has 4 shopping plazas that I know of, and there could honestly be more; You could shop shop shop until 9 pm. 9pm is when the buckhead intermission takes place. The plush malls and hipster wannabes are replaced by upscale bars, and college kids looking for their next easy lay. The city has reached a darker level of consciousness. Every shot of tequila is like a punch to my gut, and all it took was a vodka tonic to finish me off.

“And suddenly I was awake” (The office, Season 8, Episode 2). I am in a strange loft, and I’m guessing that the décor is inspired by every gender reveal party in history because Pink and blue are splashed throughout every nook and cranny. I am wearing nothing but my boxers. I can smell eggs and bacon being cooked, but I honestly have no idea where I am, or who is in the kitchen cooking (my first thought was to marry this person immediately), but this was a perfect analogy of my time in Buckhead. A blur. Sure the buildings are pretty, and the malls are cool, but the city is paper thin. Buckhead is one of those cities that are awestrickening to look at from afar, but its true essence lies within. Hidden between the sky-high towers are the dozens of homeless children that have to pan-handle and steal just to be able to feed themselves. But it’s all good because you give them some of your spare change, and that helps you sleep at night. Congratulations, I hope that you feel better about yourself. Buckhead is just another pretty face with no substance.

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